Mat Decoration

Course Objectives

  • To explain and demonstrate the tools, materials, mediums and surfaces used
  • To demonstrate different approaches of accomplishing decorative mats
  • To introduce the application of marbled and other decorative papers
  • To demonstrate surface treatments used in specialised mat design
  • To explain the elements involved in good design and proper layout

Hands on Workshop

Colour Panels
  1. Marking panels
  2. Colour wash - mixing and application
  3. Powders - colour and application
  4. Decorative papers - mounting, cutting and application
  • Line marking and placement
  • Ruling pen - choosing a pen, proper use and care of
  • Mixing watercolours for linework
  • Using acrylic water base colours
  • Application of metallic inks
Surface Texture and Stippling
  • Colour wash - covering complete surface
  • Stippling - application of colour using a sponge
  • Creating a textured look
Unusual Designs
  • Complex design possibilities
  • Combining materials for unique effects
  • Effective use of colour and proportion
Review and Wrap-up
  • Promotions and displays
  • Questions and answers

Digital Imaging

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