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Art and Framing Profile magazine
Profile, the magazine of the Australian
picture framing industry. Profile is published
in Australia quarterly and is available to
members of the industry by subscription.

Profile is dedicated to promoting the picture
framing industry both locally and internationally
and assisting its members in the development
of knowledge, education, skills and
industry awareness.

Visit Wizard's web site Wizard International
'The world's leading manufacturer
of computerized mat cutters'
Visit Fletcher web site The Fletcher-Terry Company
Designer and manufacturer of equipment and
accessories for professional picture framers
Mors� Dan-List
Experience, development and quality
are the key words behind every
Mors� Dan-List product since 1911.
Mitring machines, frame assemblers
Crescent Cardboard, LLC
'Your one choice for matboard'
Stylish matboard choices for every framing need
ASA Andersen Shaw & Associates
Conservation Framing
Your conservation framing specialist team in Sydney.
On their website you find plenty of information on framing.
The Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material
Conservators work to preserve our cultural heritage. We work in museums, art galleries, libraries, archives and in private practice.

Fine Art Care and Treatment Standards
FACTS evolved from ever-increasing need of information about the preservation of artwork and keepsakes.

The Professional Picture Framers Association, or PPFA, is the international trade association for the art and framing industry.

Fine Art Trade Guild
This is where you find everything you want to know about art and framing.

Help increase your framing business by printing photographic images directly on to photographic paper, canvas and art papers and more, economically on site.

Jared Davis MCPF, GCF
Jared Davis MCPF, GCF, is an industry veteran of 18 years, and a recognised international speaker and educator, working a as product manager for Megawood Mouldings, Australia, and part time as an international sales consultant for GUNNAR, based in Switzerland.